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The Women’s Wing

Radical Feminists get lambasted for having any positions in common with Right Wing Women, perversely described by some as “being in bed with the Right.”

We’ve found some common ground on the issues of pornography, prostitution, BDSM, and, recently, the topic of male transgender access to female spaces. We disagree usually in areas of reproductive rights, homosexual rights, and the nature of tradition (feminists finding most tradition male supremacist and women on the right finding it cause for nostalgia and protection).

Whenever accused of needing to check my position because I share a point with right wing women, I am astounded that this is supposed to somehow bother me.

These arbitrary categories are men’s categories. They are ideological. They are based on the male supremacist dominant paradigm and attempts to uphold these divisions among women serve MEN. It’s Divide and Conquer 101. It encourages women to avoid collaboration and even candid discussion with women from one of men’s camps, even discussions in the interests of ourselves as women. The notion that sharing a standpoint with a right wing, left wing, anarchist, bla bla woman is somehow reprehensible only speaks to the accusers inability to recognize WOMEN as a distinct group that crosses ALL cultural, geographical, and political boundaries. Recognizing WOMEN as our common allies, for better or worse, whether we agree or not, is a fundamental basis of Radical Feminism.

Unlike political categories, which are based on ideology, Radical Feminism recognizes concrete, material categories that are based on a tangible common ground: femaleness. Radical Feminist analysis starts exactly there, specifically because this tangible distinction is the axis of patriarchy to begin with. Radical Feminism articulates what women, as a group, have in common under male supremacist rule and seeks to undo women’s oppression to a state of total liberation. All women. Not just feminists. Not even just feminists who agree that femaleness is a thing. A real thing. Not a feeling a man has.

Many women in my family are right wing women, and as women they have a stake in the ramifications of being female within patriarchy. Even if they don’t agree that we are living in patriarchy, I have found through enough conversation with them that we do agree on some aspects of our experiences as women, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. On the contrary, pornography, prostitution, sadomasochistic sexual practices, gender dynamics (including transgenderism), motherhood, spinsterhood, workplace sexism, media representations of women, reproductive rights, bodily autonomy, male violence, migration, access to resources, and more cross all political, geographical, and cultural boundaries for women. It is therefore not reprehensible, but deeply necessary that women unite far beyond any of men’s petty categories.

What Radical Feminism seeks is a united front against all misogyny and our oppression as FEMALES. As women. Every woman is a sister. She is not my enemy or opponent. She is my ally. She may vehemently disagree with my positions, but where we converge and recognize our common plight is where we find our power to collectively overcome.

I’ve been calling this the Women’s Wing for some time, so mote it be.



The Way Trans Activists “Argue” with “TERFS” *Trigger Warning*

Listen up you truscum piece of shit, you’re a lesbophobic murderer and should drop fucking dead with your bigotry and HATE! If you’re reading this, it’s probably because someone thankfully directed your ignorant fucking ass here to get educated. Women* have vaginas*, and if you say we don’t one more time, I’m gonna rip your fucking head off, you abusive asshat! Women* are oppressed by dudebros* and dudebros* are the peeps with the willies*. Maybe if you got fucked once in a while, you’d be able to tell the difference, you prissy cuntface with all your anorexic ilk. Probably you’re all so damn ugly that no dudebro* wants you, so you don’t know what a dudebro* is anymore.

I was LITERALLY in the fucking fetal position last night because you said that transwomen are women! One lesbian commits suicide somewhere every time you say that!

I think it’s time we called an army together to kill all these TRANSCUM!!!! And DON’T tell me it’s a fucking slur. YOU KILL PEOPLE. If you do not accept radical feminism as REALITY then you are NOT a feminist and in fact you should die. Because you kill people. You’re a violent, abusive, evil person and I hope you never get to speak in this town again. I hope you drop dead for your crimes. I’ve told ALL my friends about you. We got pictures of you, your kids, your pets. We know where you live. We are making an online database where we list TRANSCUM like you with your addresses! That will teach you to say penis is female! So GO AHEAD and tell me transwomen are women ONE MORE TIME. See what happens. Just see. I don’t let violent perps like you get away with being abusive.


This. Is. EXACTLY. How trans activists speak to radical feminists.

In case you have not been in touch with the movement, don’t hang around these arguments much. Or if you do. If you do. Take a look at how you are speaking to women. Look at what these men are saying to women. Radical feminist women are being attacked in the same tone as you just read above. Now that the trans movement has become mainstream, (its ultimate goal, but definite downfall) it will be your mother, grandmother, daughter being told they need to get fucked with a chainsaw by a 40-year-old man because she asked him why he is in the women’s restroom. Right now, Radical Feminists are holding the boundaries in this massive disagreement virtually on our own and this is how we are being railed against. We are attacked because we refuse to stop saying:

Penis is not a female sex organ.

Men cannot be women.

No, you cannot enter my body.

No, you cannot enter our women’s spaces.

No, I will not call you “she.”

I have absolutely had it with this trans movement. It is a bunch of psychopathic MEN leading a huge group of women with a rhetoric such as the one above. All I did was replace a radical feminist argument with trans advocate communication style. Compare it to how we really speak when we disagree. We say, “Men cannot become women,” and we are told to go get fucked or die.

I will never submit to this bullshit. I will not.

If you have documentation of these attacks on women for disagreeing with the trans ideology, please post it in the comments.

I’ll start with just one here

@transmisogyny on Twitter is new and I have noticed it’s been very good at keeping up with documenting the latest abuse.

I hope to Goddess that those young high school girls do not get hurt for their bravery right now. I mean that with absolute sincerity. This situation is going mainstream in new ways, and our society at large has no idea what this wave is that’s about to hit it.

The Emperor has new clothes.

The trans faction of Male Supremacy is projecting their own misogyny onto any woman or girl who disagrees with them. They use threat of violence in an attempt to keep women in line. They compile lists with which they can endanger the lives of women by exposing their personal information and that of their children. These men reverse the situation and play the victim, accusing Radical Feminsts of doing the very thing they actually do. They are not all like that, no, but even liberal feminists can see past NAMALT these days. I trust women to see it eventually.

The problem with our society is not that gender should be more fluid. It has been said, but I’ll say it again. The problem is that the social construction of gender is inherently based on misogyny, a hierarchy of value which posits males dominant and females submissive. Men are tough, loud, assertive. Women are caring, soft, passive. Men wear pants. Women wears thongs. Men like heels. Women hobble in them. Men run the world. Women exist to provide for them, sexually and otherwise. It is not that men shouldn’t wear dresses. It’s that wearing a dress has nothing to do with being a woman. Because a woman is an adult human female and nothing she says or does, not ever, ever, ever, ever means she is suddenly not a woman. So if she is a hairy, assertive dyke, she’s a woman. If she wears pantsuits and has facial hair. She’s a woman. If she feels like a man, she’s a woman. Unpack that word “feels.” What does it mean to “feel” like a woman? An explanation without using a single gendered notion about women. No, not even one. It also cannot be circular.

The language used to describe one who is female and adult is woman. The argument I hear against that is that we cannot define the word woman. Who cannot? Adult females cannot? But men….men can. They can change the definition of woman so that it means a feeling one has. Something in their brain. Or something. I can’t make it sound logical because it is not.

So we are asked to both ignore our own relationship to logic and to capitulate to an ideology that changes the meaning of our word in the name of misogyny aka woman-hating! The word that means us, women, adult human females, women.

“Women have had the power of naming stolen from us.” — Mary Daly

NO, you may not.

No. Now go ahead and threaten to kill me. Or any other punishing tactic you can muster. I will not hunt you down. I will not attack you. I do not think you deserve to be harmed in any way.

No, you are not a lesbian. You may not enter the bodies of women who tell you no. Lesbians are telling you no. These bodies are ours. That word is ours. We vociferously disagree and we will not back down, but we also will not threaten to kill you. We will not go after your children. We won’t. Violence is what patriarchy is made of. Rape, that thing where a woman is forced to have sex with a person she doesn’t want to, is what we are fighting against. Lesbians have told these men no.

Maybe when the trans movement realizes that nothing is going to make us submit to this order they are attempting to impose on us, they will realize that the reason they threaten to kill us is because they know we will forever refuse to change that no to a yes and killing us is the only way they will succeed. The part they miss, or, at least, the women who support them miss, but will see more easily than these men, is that we will hold our ground but we will not engage in violence. Do you want to live in a world like that? We do not all have to agree, but the beating, and the killing, and the rape, and the threats to kill and rape, have got to stop.


It’s Full Moon Wiiiiiiiiiaatches!

It’s Full Moon Wiiiiiiatches.

And we have a Supermoon in Pisces. It’s time to get your cauldrons out, skinny dip by moonlight, soak in a salty bath, hydrate, dance to saucy music, put on dark charcoal over your eyelids. See in the dark. Swim with the Dark Goddess. It’s a Lilith inspired evening.

I’m inspired by a recent event. My Facebook account was dismantled within 24-hours of a woman accidentally linking my blog to it (and gee if I wasn’t silly to publish that comment). These men have been watching me the whole time. The Bra-Busters takedown was years ago. I want to be clear that they have threatened to hunt me down and kill me, behead me, and spill my blood over “Eastern fields.” Of course, I told them I am from the Pink Panda Bear Sisterhood and we don’t give a shit. But I was scared. I was on a mattress on the floor in Germany. I had to hold the charger chord into the laptop at all times and type with one hand because the laptop was busted and my Macbook had been smashed by my pychopathic ex. I couldn’t afford anything but this piece of shit because by then, he had access to all of my credit cards, birth certificate, email and Facebook passwords, and of course lived in my house where I was the sole breadwinner working 7 days per week, 10-14 hours per day split across THREE jobs in Istanbul, Turkey. That guy threatened to kill me, too, every single day. And here, how DARE we women rise from our ashes FIERCE and FURIOUS to defend ourselves and our sisters.


Every week, my inbox for this blog is bombarded with horrific, violent, sexually perverted messages. Interspersed are messages from men calling ME a NAZI. For having a BLOG where I scream into a void. How DARE I do this. It’s just like when men killed 6+ million people and turned them into soap. I shiver to type that. Do men ever look into the mirror when they utter such nonsense at women? Feminists have killed exactly ZERO men. We have protested and starved OURSELVES on your White House doorsteps and in your prisons and all over the media to look SEXY for you on the covers of magazines and in movies. Meanwhile we are entrenched in a system, a society, that names the abuses of us NORMAL and inherent to our existence in female BODIES. How very tranpshobic, too, while we’re at it. Because there was no shortage of trans activists attacking us. Tearing apart WITCHFEST. And, to think, when we were there, there was a man camping right next to us. We didn’t dare utter a word. Do you know why? Because we were AFRAID. I was afraid he’d kill me in my sleep. There were knives all over The Land. He mentioned around a campfire one night that you cannot BEAT stupid out of someone. He said it in a way only a man can. I stuttered, nearly lost my ability to speak, then said something along the lines of, “Well, beating someone is not the way this should be handled.” He nodded in agreement. And so how dare we not want men in Michfest. It must be destroyed

Here we are. Amazons. Still standing. And you should see the “fights” we get in over the trans issue in our private spaces when the men really are NOT there. Women disagree, voice it so very clearly, even get angry and spit a bit of fire, but NEVER NOT ONCE has a woman threatened to beat a woman or even eluded to it.

It’s Full Moon in Pisces tonight. A big, bright Supermoon. Venus is retrograde. She’ll wrap it all up quite soon, and Saturn in Scorpio is fixing to straighten up pretty soon. The limits on our depths will soon emerge from the evaluation of our chains. And then we will become disciplined as we move forward again into the dark, the realm of Lilith. It is a reversal to say she is evil. She ran into the ferning woods when Adam complained about her. He said that she believed herself his equal (hahahhahahhahahhahahhahahahahha) and would not lie beneath him (OMGDESS OMGDESS OMGDESS). So Lilith ran into the woods. Former consort of Innana of Catal Huyuk, from a time when there was no prostitution and bronze was turned to tools for harvesting food. The Goddess reigned supreme and women were in charge. The Bull was that long-haired fellow whose hair was later cut in the Bible. That heathen guy was known to worship a FEMALE deity. Good Father Holy Penis ehem cough cough God.

Let us howl at the moon as we emerge from the woods. Lilith has had her exile. Eclipse season is coming up and the Earth is about to implode. Bless everything. Forget curses. There’s no time for curses. Bless everything. Bless even the men in their wars as they tear through us again. Bless them that they may feel their own RAGE in the mirror and KNOW it is a destructive force. Bless them that all the carnage they have wrought on the Earth, and the piles of bodies behind them, appear in their dreams, reaching out to them, hands yearning to embrace in Love. Let them see the children’s eyes dancing in Light, warm and glowing, those children they raped. Bless them that they come unraveled and woman are left to take up the Chariot of the Earth again.

Howl to the moon. Ayyyyip yaaaaa llalalaalalallala aaarrrooooooooo!

I have met you, my tribe. I know you are the realest quality on this green Earth. I can still feel the love of The Land, and though we are far apart now, I know that we do have the same dream, even when we disagree. I know that we dream of a world with no WAR. No RAPE. No MURDER. No STARVATION. No more refugees drowning, fleeing a war. No more. I can’t watch the news anymore. The world is burning and the Earth is burning and they come for US. They come FOR US. For the WITCHES. And call us Nazis and transphobic and say, “Let the cunt burn!” And, “Die in a FIRE!” These are the very descendants of the men who burned women alive. I am a daughter of Vikings and Cherokee and Celts. I am a daughter of the Goddess and thou art Goddess.

It’s time to emerge from the woods. Michfest has ended. We are everywhere now.

Blessed be Radical Feminist Witches and Womyn EVERYWHERE!

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This video. The end. Girls like girls.

The problem with “heterosexuality”

The problem with “heterosexuality” is that it’s not a sexuality. It’s a way of arranging women and men into a predetermined role-play scenario whereby males take the dominant role and women the submissive. This pairing has a geographical component, because it divides the population essentially one male to each female with their offspring. There is definitely some variation on this in cultures where the extended family is part of the picture. But even in those scenarios, it is usually the males who preside over the family unit based on smaller units of male-to-female pairing: mother/father, grandmother/grandfather, aunt/uncle. It’s all about pairing off each member of the sex.

The notion behind this, we’re told, is biology or love or making babies or division of labor. The reality is that the family unit becomes a domain ruled over by males. And females are those they rule. That is, MALES rule US.

Therefore, it is not sexual arousal due to a male that constitutes “heterosexuality” as it’s called here, but participation in ritualized role-play between the sexes that always posits the male as dominant over the female. This notion of arranging people for the purpose of love or sex is ridiculous. Yet it’s so ingrained in our psyche as being some synonym for relationship and sexuality that even LESBIANS are asked who the man is. Or who the butch is, since “femme” and “butch” are manifestations of gender within Lesbian communities, reinforcing the heterosexual model of pairing.

What we need to be asking ourselves is whether or not our way or relating emotionally and physically, is healthy and sustainable for ALL participants, not just the MEN or those who role-play in place of men whilst being Lesbian women.

The problem with “heterosexuality” is that it doesn’t exist. Stripped of every part that is merely culture, we’re left with some brutish image of the two sexes doing things with their nether regions and that’s it. Beyond that, we see hierarchical oppression from the intimate household to the globe and now the fuckers are on the moon and on Mars. While men are on Mars, young girls are sold into sexual bondage and rape to other men. Righteous Rage flowing from Mothers would end this in a fortnight given that kind of power.

We cannot take any notion for granted. It must all be unpacked. Relations to men ESPECIALLY.

How would we touch each other if we didn’t live in patriarchy? How would we bond? As women, I see small covens, little inner circles of women interlinked into a larger community of women, weaving amongst each other, but with each woman returning to her small clan at the end of the day. That inner circle would be nurturing, loving, dynamic. It would be fluid in love and its expression, the physical manifestation of it also flowing freely without being shamed, corrupted, humiliated, and hated. It wouldn’t be a source of bondage.

While the model needs unpacking, it’s distinct existence in our relations to men is particularly worth analyzing. Why specifically does this all originate as a phenomenon between females and males? Is it ALL socialization? I mean are we socialized to even like them? To find them attractive. And could it be that patriarchy is necessary to provide enough coercion to make us submit, since we wouldn’t come near them without force!?!?!?


You Will Always be in my Heart

one woman province

I am not sure where to even start on a post about my journey last week to the 40th Michigan Women’s Music Festival. I had signed up to support WoLF (Women’s Liberation Front) in hosting an intrafest event called Radfem Rhapsody within Michfest as a space for exchange of radical feminist ideas and strategy. Eight of us traveled in two vans from the Pacific Northwest and the Southwest caravaning from our meetup at the Colorado/Nebraska line with a large meeting canopy and a small kitchen. We were in line by Monday morning but didin’t get unloaded off the shuttle until dark. The next morning, much to most everyone’s protest, a new camp was chosen and we spent Tuesday morning moving our gear once again then finally getting the Radfem Rhapsody camp up and running, triumphantly cooking chesseburgers by dusk. After a 48 hour journey we had arrived.

I really…

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Witchfest and Amazon Cuntree

You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen over four miles of Amazons with their mohawks and ripped jeans, neon pink frill, backwards ball caps, buzzed heads, hiking boots and booty shorts, cowgirl hats and cigarettes as they saunter and squat to piss in the corn fields or set up a ninja stance with their flexed biceps standing on the hood of their car shouting to welcome you home, “WELCOME HOME SISTER!!!! WOO WOO!!!” Every shape, age, color, creed, I can’t even cover the “categories” men have us in….there were none anymore. Each woman was so unique in her own right, a mystical creature on the land, a universe in motion, that the boundaries melted away. We were sprites, furies, witches, hags. If each woman had wielded her own weighty labrys, it wouldn’t have seemed out of place.

Deep into the mountains, the road spiraled, snake-like. The witches in my car all cackled as we recalled the appearance of a serpent in our tarot reading the day before. Here we went, deep “into the fucking woods” (on a Crone’s t-shirt when we arrived) with all these creatures around us. We looked at each other and gasped, “These women are amazing!” After a pause, we realized…we are these women, too. We are part of this tribe.

Into the campsite, time changed. All concept of time. And space, too, because our boundaries of emotion and physical movement were no longer restricted as they are in Men’s Lands. The Land we walked upon allowed us to walk with arms swinging in the most gangly and unsexy fashion without feeling fear of being called un-lady-like or dance naked on the way back from the showers because we happened upon a circle of drumming women or a campfire with some woman singing in the most beautiful voice with her guitar.

Time was the elements. We didn’t arrive somewhere based on the clock, but on whether or not it was raining or we were too heat exhausted to keep walking just yet. Or maybe it was the music that drew us to the stages, even though we thought we’d do so many workshops. But we looked at the times and figured we’ll show up if the Land decides it.

I have never seen such efficiency as these women. The kitchen alone was an art project that moved. Without a hitch, it fed thousands of women nourishing meals off an open fire and none of us had to go hungry. The Womb welcomed women without question, opening arms to heal. A Crone was always present and herbal infusions lined an open counter like coffee is set up at banks—only not.

All the time I was thinking how I needed to write about this. Women need to know this exists. But I can’t capture it in one post. I can’t formulate a linear thought. We spun between worlds. Yes, massive rituals led by high priestesses and the cosmos responding to us in no uncertain terms. Women were bursting into tears, and no sooner could she start to cry and utter, “Where has this been all my life?” another woman would embrace her like a mother and hold her until she’d re-grounded.

The fireworks. And fairy forest. I feel to type it all out somehow flattens what really happens on that land. The reason I bother to say any of this at all is because I hope to see women recreate space like that all over the world until there is no Man’s Land left. Most of the feminism I have been involved in and read about has focused on dismantling the patriarchy. I am absolutely certain that, while dismantle we must, an essential core of what we do, if not the most essential, is to create women’s space and to heal women. This will mean witnessing the trauma of what men have done to our sisters and holding space for that, finding a way to balance holding that space without being subject to the violence that often comes with women’s suffering. I know we have it in us to not just know how to do this, but to feel our way through it intuitively if only we can have a moment outside of the bombardment that is patriarchy into our psyche which cuts us off from our source wisdom and strength. And power.

To all the women who were unable to attend for any reason, you are part of a tribe of women. Fierce, compassionate, wise women. These women set up tents in the buff in the pouring rain. They gather firewood in the dark. They scale rafters to oversee the stage and stand tall on tree branches with rainbow-colored hair. They are three-year-old girls with hair down to their waists. They speak up and aren’t always sweet, but their eyes are kind and they’ll try to work it out with you. They get tattoos on the Land and shoot bows and arrows. They are walking down a fern-lined path wearing nothing at all but a cropped shirt and give absolutely no shits about it. They howl in packs of hundreds or more at the sky in the night, stopping only to switch to a battle cry or a throaty cackle. I am not making this shit up. It was a magical universe.

To every woman who was not able to be there, yes, it is real. Everything we’re collectively dreaming of is real, some relic in our consciousness of a world we either once knew or can sense would be possible if only…if only this Land were to spread across the Earth and push Man’s Land to the edges of our universe to fall right into the ocean like Atlantis. You’re not alone, sister. There are SO MANY of us and we are AMAZING AMAZONS!



Dr. Drew Show: Violent Trans Activist Zoey Tur grabs panelist by the neck and threatens to send him “home in an ambulance” for calling Tur genetically male

Wow. It’s informative to see that men cannot get away with stating facts in the face of these gender delusions either. “Call me she or I’ll assault you,” is fascism in action. This is sickness . This is violence. This is delusion.


Violent trans Zoey Tur: Violent trans Zoey Tur: “You’ll go home in an ambulance”

“You cut that out now or you’ll go home in an ambulance,” threatened helicopter pilot Bob “Zoey” Tur to fellow Dr. Drew panelist Ben Shapiro, after grabbing the Orthodox Jewish man and holding him by the back of his neck.

Shapiro had offended Tur by commenting that “transwomen” are chromosomally male. Tur responded that chromosomes were irrelevant to genetic sex, because of people with Kleinfelter’s syndrome. Dr. Drew interjected that Tur couldn’t win on the genetics argument and should “stick with the brain scans”. Shapiro then asked Tur, “What are your genetics, Sir?” Which is when Tur grabbed him and threatened to hospitalize him, live on air.

GenderTrender usually avoids linking to Conservative websites, but the HLN network that airs the Dr. Drew Show is apparently censoring the exchange. You can view it [link removed] on at approximately the 5:20…

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Just. Rant. That is all.

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